Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SVN Work Flow

I updated SVN.

I think I have the proper work flow figured out now.
  1. SyncBack to Deploy/robocute
  2. SyncBack to SVN/robocute
  3. Commit to SVN
Deploy/robocute is the folder where I backup to create zips that serve as local backups and contains pyglet so it can be used as a download that only requires Python 2.5.

SVN/robocute is the folder that serves to commit to and in the future update from SVN sans pyglet.

The backups are stripped of all unnecessary garbage by SyncBack. (Need to filter out those darn Thumbs.db before the next commit!)

If other folks start contributing I'll add another SyncBack Task that copies from SVN to my real development directory, which will get backed up to the Deploy folder beforehand just in case.

Since this project is alpha, I'm going to target alpha libraries as well. This means that if you checkout from the SVN you need to grab pyglet from their SVN as well. That's not too painful is it? :)

Alright, I'm going to hold off adding new stuff and do some cleanup first.

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