Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Morning After

PyWeek 6 is over. It's like Christmas came and went and now I have this deflated feeling. :(

To make matters worse, the final submission uses a debug level. I'm not surprised since I had gone several days without sleep trying to turn this into some kind of game. I probably should have just pulled the plug and declared DNF. Only then, I wouldn't have forced myself to semi-finish this dratted thing!

Final Analysis

This thing is a complete hog right now. I guess that's not surprising since I wrote it in a week.

I need to figure out the best approach for singletons to implement shared instances of the blocks. Originally I was using a dictionary and factory methods that worked well, but it's really useful to be able to just instantiate an object and get a singleton. Since I found like 12 ways to do singletons in Python this may take a few days to unravel.

Culling needs to be implemented. This might not be too hard since this is a rigid type world.

Using a spreadsheet to define the world is just a stop gap measure. I need to look into pickling, and write a world builder sooner or later. Probably later after these other issues are cleared up.

Future Directions

I think I'll continue to develop this as a board game for small children. The art is a perfect fit. The avatar counts off as it moves so that could teach counting and number recognition.

I also want to keep the game side of it simple until the rendering, etc. get's sorted out.

Too much!

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